This is Alexandre-Xavier's personnal web page, mainly used as a place to download his stuff.
I'm working on a port of LMP-IT! for Windows and Linux. It will be done when it's done. I have to write Windows+Linux compatible clones of the functions found in the <conio.h> library for it to work, because this DOS library is so old, it doesn't exist anymore for console operations on modern systems. Windows' console support is so poor that it may be limited or not even work. Linux support is done and right now, it looks better than what can be seen in the above screenshot.

Hollow.wad (40.6KB)
Batch Spam (1.24KB)
Austeppe.wad (31KB)
C++ Pacman (18.5KB)
Name Size Date Description Link
Plus for Windows
591KB (.zip) 30/03/15 Built with MSVC, has a console
and runs on XP (commit 2758)
Plus for Linux
362.28KB (tar.xz) 2/03/15 Chocolate-Doom and Heretic
for Linux (commit 2748)
Doom/Heretic Plus
for the Raspberry Pi
612.1KB (tar.gz) 2/03/15 Chocolate-Doom and Heretic
for ARM CPUs (commit 2748)